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Quinceañera Birthday Limo Service
Elite Chicago Limo custom built luxury limousines are tailored for special occasions. We carry safe vehicles operated by professional and courteous drivers. We fully understand the importance of such events and will make sure that everything is arranged to perfection. Parents, you can feel safe knowing that your young adults will be safely transported to their various birthday destinations by our professional chauffeurs.
Unlimited Stops
Color Decorations
Red Carpet Treatment
Quinceañera Service Approved Vendor
elite chicago limo is a quinceanera approved vendor
Hundreds Of Perfect Quinceañeras
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Our Birthday Limousine Service can absolutely guarantee that your carriage won't turn into a pumpkin come strike midnight! We have special sweet sixteen limo package rates from 2 to 30 passenger limousines so you can share the evening with your special friends. Let us know how you would like to celebrate your Birthday and we will work with you to ensure a delightful birthday limousine experience.

For Birthdays, we include special packages with your choice of color decorations, red carpet treatment, and any other special requests. Please let us know how we can help you in achieving a perfect birthday experience.

* The use of liquor and cigarettes are not allowed in a Prom/Homecoming/Sweet Sixteen vehicle, even if someone in the party is of legal age. If such behavior is exhibited, there will be an immediate termination of the charter, and the trip will still be billed in full. Passengers will also be held responsible for any damage to the vehicles including but not limited to scratches, excessive cleanup, stemware breakage, spills, etc.